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We take sour sips, from life's lush lips...

....and we shake, shake, shake the hips in relationships

Uchiha, Itachi

From all lives beginning on we are pushed in little forms;
No one asks us how we like to be, in school they teach us what to think.
Everyone says different things, but they're all convinced that they're the ones to see.


Name: Uchiha Itachi, うちは イタチ
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'6
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black though currently he is wearing red contacts.
Status: Taken but not public knowledge by bloodwithcoffee
Birth Date: June 9th
Sexual Orientation: Anything goes
Occupation: Med-Student working at Cafe Akatsuki as a floor waiter
PB: Aoi from The Gazette
Obsessions: Cleanliness, Sasuke, Blood, as well he has a slight oral fixation.

Social Tendencies: Itachi rarely seems troubled by the world around him, always calm. At times the Uchiha seems completely incapable of expressing any sort of emotion at all. Even when angered, or challenging he rarely loses the composure bred into him. Always polite, always courteous, even to those who have earned his dislike he is disturbingly serene, and civilly sarcastic. One does not see, feel his annoyance, dislike in his words. They feel it in his mere presence and nothing more. That general feeling of uneasiness.

Of course he has feeling, warmth, perhaps even compassion buried deep with another persona, (another life perhaps) that few have seen. He is even known to subtly flirt, in an detached manner, with both co-workers and clientele alike, although it rarely goes any further than that much to most people’s dismay.

So they keep talking and they never stop.
And at a certain point you give it up,
so the only thing thats left to think is this:

Dango, blood, Cabbage, walking through sweet shops, horror movies, hard candies, chocolate, traditional Japanese festivals, history, Omusubi, tea, and reading.

DISLIKES: Steak, crowded places, filth, the Uchiha family, pretentious and overall idiotic people, interruptions, fangirls/boys, corruption, and law enforcement.

"I want OUT! To live my life alone."
"I want out! Leave me be!"
"I want out... to do things on my own."
"I WANT OUT! To live my life and to be free."


Apart from his undeniable genius Itachi is well known, like most Uchiha’s, for his striking looks and mysterious demeanor that is perfectly capable of captivating both sexes. He is classically beautiful; sophisticated, effeminate features in the sense that, in his case, beauty seems to defy even gender. Standing at 5’6 he is just under average height. It certainly goes without saying that vanity is a trait that Itachi doesn’t lack, which shows in his clothing, his hair.

He doesn’t even go to a regular hair dresser as he doesn’t trust anyone else even touching his hair much less styling it. Usually, his black hair is drawn back into a loose pony-tail, while chin length bangs boarder his pale, pale face with fae features. Naturally his eyes are endless black in color, however in recent days he wears red contacts over them. Overall, his frame is a lithe one and deceptively delicate and rather exceptionally hides his body’s capability to (ripthingsapartlimbfromlimb) damage and wound. It’s no secret that the few whom have underestimated the Uchiha deeply regretted it afterwards.

People tell me A and B, they tell me how I have to see
things that I have seen already clear.
So they push me then from side to side,
they're pushing me from black to white
they're pushing 'til there's nothing more to hear.


If he were to sum it all up in one word he'd probably say something along the lines of "Tedious". If anything it's a way to keep a relatively low profile and pay tuition and rent, nothing more or less. However, if pressed he might also admit that certain co-workers are entertaining at best, if anything. All while being quick to deny any attachment at all.

Don't push me to the maximum. Shut your mouth and take it home,
because I decide the way things are going to be.


The Uchiha. A family obsessed with perfection. Every gesture, action, word, every little thing. Perfect. Always perfect. There are no children; it could be argued that there are no people either within the Uchiha family. Those words too mundane for those that always strive for such excellence. Their ideals, their traditions almost eccentric in nature, unbelievable (unspeakable), but the general public doesn’t have to know about that. They just have to see the visions of perfection embodied in flesh (sickening; in the way it makes bile rise up-). The Uchiha family is without a doubt one of the most influential family within Japan. The family is notorious for it’s size and striking looks. Yet most of all the Uchiha, above all else is known for the long line of family members involved with the Japanese National Police Agency and other government jobs. The family is so proud of this, that it’s often frowned upon (deadly, dangerous), to take up professions in other fields, such as teaching or medical science.

Uchiha Itachi was the reigning pride and joy of the entire clan right from the start. He was pureblooded Uchiha through and through. Then again, why wouldn’t he be? The family did paternity tests on all their newborns, tests on pregnant mothers to ensure that each stage of development was ideal. It was an obsession the whole family had (look at me, envy me). It was an obsession Itachi was born into. One that he was trained day in and day out to uphold. He was a genius in every right. Smarter, faster, better than any other Uchiha before him. Save for perhaps one. To him advancement was as simple as breathing air. Anything he set his mind to he excelled with ease. It wasn’t long before he earned the envy, admiration, even fear of all his peers. He was aware of it, even though certain individuals weren’t. It wasn’t as if it mattered to him. They taught him to be cool, calm, collected. Right to the point where he even became numb, apathetic to their praise. Even as he outdid their expectations again and again. Even as he became their shinning heir. He became numb to everything regarding them.

Mikoto played a very small role in her son’s life. Itachi hardly ever interacted with her at all. Another one of the Uchiha family’s many traditions. To destroy all dependencies, to nip them the bud (the family was full of twisted ideals, obscure views of perfection-). It was his father he almost every waking minute with. Fugaku obsessed with Itachi’s progression through the clan ranks, however Itachi would never see the man as his father or mentor. If anything at all, he was just another person. When Itachi was eight years old Madara took him under his wing, much to Fugaku’s delight. Who better to teach Itachi than genius of his own generation?

In the same year Itachi’s younger brother Sasuke fell into sickness only ever identified as a chronic immune disorder. Naturally, being less than satisfactory, useless in their eyes was ignored more than ever before. The Uchiha pumped more, more focus into Itachi’s “development”, he was supposed to be the prefect heir. The only heir. They were of course blind to see the resentment that was growing (naturally, when one’s expression, attitude never changes--) with him. Funny, how apathy gradually shifted to dislike only shifting again to--

bitter (sofuckingbitter).

When Itachi was sixteen. He left. Just that simple. Without a word, without a trace. In the beginning he lived with several of the disowned Uchiha families. Those that didn’t conform, but weren’t considered a danger to the Uchiha family. It was in one of these families that he was fated to meet with Shisui. The closest thing the former Uchiha heir had to a friend, someone he treated with respect and something close to kindness. He lived with that family for all of six months before it ended in tragedy. There was one thing that Itachi never saw in the warm, kind (deceitful) face of Shisui. The hunger that had corrupted him. He hadn’t known, hadn’t realized how much the older male wished to be accepted by the family. How willing he was to forcefully drag Itachi back to the family and exchange him, for acceptance.

It was a shame, such a shame that Shisui drowned. Ironic almost.

Itachi tried to rescue him from that river. He really did. He hadn’t meant to leave his body there on the bank.


In recent years Itachi enrolled himself in medical school using his paychecks to pay for his rent and his tuition fees. Not that he has to worry too much. The money he had saved from the Uchiha family funds is enough for him to live…

…more than comfortably.

Which brings us to the present.

"I want OUT! To live my life alone."
"I want out! Leave me be!"
"I want out... to do things on my own."
"I WANT OUT! To live my life and to be free."


Played by: swiggle/Caitlyn or any other nicknames.
Roleplay: Cafe Akatsuki
Rating: G to NC-17 and beyond XD
Noncon? If you want. Email me then we'll talk.
Death? Not in this RP
Het/Yaoi/Yuri: Anything goes...except I don't think I can do Yuri with a male character XD
Gmail: candystripedsocks@gmail.com
MSN: Caitburleigh@hotmail.com
AIM: swigglescribble